sʔi:ɬqəy̓ qeqən (double-headed serpent post), Brent Sparrow, Musqueam artist's work set in a treed area with some students milling around casually

Our portfolio is a crucial one for UBC. We connect with people both inside and outside the university to help share the UBC story.

Whether it is media coverage of groundbreaking research, a high-profile brand campaign, or internal stories of the thousands of people who make up our community—we bring these connections together and celebrate the incredible ways in which UBC is helping shape its next century.

Our impact can be felt across the university, as we support countless initiatives every year. Examples include regional and national brand campaigns; key internal channels such as UBC Today, UBC Broadcast and UBC Bulletin; proactive media coverage for our researchers; communications management when we experience a crisis such as COVID-19; and digital experiences for our students such as virtual graduation.

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