About Internal Communications

The Internal Communications team sits within the Communications portfolio, under the Vice-President, External Relations. We are here to help you communicate with faculty and staff* at UBC.

We provide strategic oversight to UBC’s central internal communication channels. We are available to work with you to communicate via those channels, as well as advise on broader strategies for engaging UBC’s internal community, working in close partnership with our communications colleagues across the Faculties and Administrative Units.

While the Internal Communications team is based in Vancouver, we work closely with our colleagues in the University Relations team at UBC Okanagan to ensure messaging and timing of messages is coordinated across campuses.

If you have any questions about internal communications at UBC, or are interested in working with us, please get in touch.

*Central communication to students is managed by Student Communication Services. Internal Communications works closely with the VP, Students portfolio, to ensure messaging to faculty, staff and students is aligned. 

Contact the Internal Communications team

Kate Hunter
Senior Director, Internal Communications

Rivka Parris
Manager, Internal Communications

Aditi Ghosh
Manager, Internal Communications

Alpha Lam
Specialist, Internal Communications

Useful contacts

Leanne Takenaka
Associate Director, Communications and Marketing
University Relations — UBC Okanagan

Nathan Skolski
Associate Director, Public Affairs
University Relations — UBC Okanagan

Katja Clark
Interim Director, Student Communications Services