Overview of Channels

Have something to communicate to faculty and staff at UBC?
There a number of university-wide channels available to help you reach your audience. Which channel you use will depend on your communication goals, target audience, and message.

Broadcast Email


Broadcast emails are used by the university’s senior leadership to communicate time-sensitive, campus-wide messages to faculty, staff and students in Vancouver and the Okanagan.

While broadcast emails can be an efficient means of distributing information, it is critical that the university is sensitive to the needs of the community and keeps broadcast emails to a minimum.

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UBC Bulletin


UBC Bulletin is used by the university’s senior leadership to inform and engage broader leadership at the university – namely deans, associate deans, assistant deans, heads and directors, managers and senior professional staff.

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UBC Today


UBC Today is a bi-weekly newsletter issued to all faculty and staff in Vancouver and the Okanagan. It provides a digest of timely updates, event listings, key resources, achievements and recognition, appointments and staff and faculty profiles.

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Faculty & Staff page on UBC.ca


This page is dedicated to providing faculty and staff in Vancouver and the Okanagan with timely news and updates, information about faculty and staff-specific events, important resources and contacts, achievements and recognition, appointments and stories about UBC’s working community. It is updated on a daily basis. New content posted to this page is often included in UBC Today.

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How the channels work together


For an example of how these channels work together, please refer to the following matrix:

Please note: This is a hypothetical example focused on how we might communicate UBC’s strategic planning process, designed to illustrate how the channels work together

Week Broadcast Email UBC Bulletin UBC Today
1 Advance notice to deans, dept. heads and directors of UBC’s Next Century – outlining process and timeframe
2 Announcement to entire UBC community – formally launching engagement process
3 Feature posting on UBC’s Next Century. Leadership profile on the individual(s) who will be leading the process
4 Report back to deans, dept. heads and directors on what we’ve heard so far
5 Announcement of next wave of engagement
6 Promotion of specific engagement events. Share feedback with wider internal community.
7 Share draft priorities with deans, dept. heads and directors
8 Share draft priorities with broader internal community.
9 Announcement of draft plan for further feedback.
10 A series of profiles on elements of the draft plan.


Other campus-wide communication channels

UBCevents calendar

If you want to spread the word about an event, consider promoting it via the UBCevents calendar.

Digital signage

If you have a message to communicate that is specific to location, consider using digital signage.

Faculty and Administrative Unit communication channels

Each Faculty and Administrative Unit has its own communication channels. If you are looking to communicate to specific groups of faculty and staff, you may wish to connect with your respective communications and/or marketing team.