How to submit a UBC Broadcast request

If you wish to issue a UBC Broadcast:

  1. Contact the senior communicator within your portfolio. The senior communicator will discuss your proposed message and the appropriate audience(s)
  2. Review the UBC Broadcast writing guide
  3. Contact a member of the Internal Communications team to book your UBC Broadcast into the editorial calendar
  4. Share a draft of your UBC Broadcast with a member of the Internal Communications team, for them to review and provide comments
  5. Working with your senior communicator, finalize the draft of the UBC Broadcast and have it approved by your Vice-President (VP) or Associate Vice-President (AVP). The senior communicator in your portfolio can then assist with submitting the draft email content

Final materials should be submitted at least two working days before the message is due to go out. UBC Broadcasts are typically issued Monday to Thursday, between 11am and 1pm, with a maximum of one UBC Broadcast permitted each day.

Find your senior communicator: