UBC Today

About UBC Today

UBC Today is a bi-weekly newsletter for all faculty and staff at Vancouver and the Okanagan. It contains a mix of non-urgent content ranging from broad institutional updates to event listings, leadership profiles and stories about faculty and staff that are posted on the Faculty & Staff page on UBC.ca.

In addition to providing compelling content, UBC Today acts as a supplementary channel to broadcast emails. For example, broadcast email may be used to make an initial wide-scale announcement, with supplementary information and/or updates in editions of the newsletter. UBC Today may also be used to communicate the following:

  • New entries to the President’s blog
  • Awareness days/events
  • Reminders/follow up messaging related to Board/Senate elections
  • United Way campaign launch and updates
  • Policy consultation – messaging from Legal Counsel
  • Operational/project updates
  • Research grant reminders
  • Awards and recognition
  • Appointments of interest (beyond senior leadership)
  • UBC Annual Report


Whether content is appropriate for UBC Today is determined based on the following criteria:

  • Is the content of wide-ranging interest to faculty and staff?
  • Is it timely and of particular relevance to faculty and staff?
  • Does it help us learn more about the people who make up UBC’s faculty and staff community?

Although the newsletter provides event listings, it is not used as a promotional tool to market specific events and/or announcements to faculty and staff.


UBC Today is sent to all faculty and staff in Vancouver and the Okanagan.

UBC Today is sent to faculty and staff’s primary email address listed in the Human Resource Management System (HRMS).

Editorial oversight

UBC Today is owned by Internal Communications. The Internal Communications team acts in the role of editor, although anyone in the community is invited to suggest content to be included in the newsletter


Newsletters are issued on a bi-weekly basis, usually on a Tuesday. If the Monday before a UBC Today release date is a holiday, it will be sent on Wednesday instead.